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Connecting your business to the best telecom solutions for you.

Frenkel Communications was created to help businesses meet the telecom solutions best suited for their needs. Founded by telecom experts, Frenkel Communications has been serving businesses for more than 17 years. Our team has vast knowledge of the industry to ably manage your company’s telecommunication landscape. There are better, cheaper and faster solutions for you out there; we do the research to find them for you.

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Cut the hidden costs of telecom

Frenkel Communications’ dedicated experts audit your telecom bills and expenses to see where you’re spending money you don’t need to. We’ve helped our clients scale down their communication expenditures and cut unnecessary costs.

Many businesses have open accounts and lines they don’t use but are still paying for years later. Others have clauses in the fine print which are costing them money they shouldn’t be paying. Our goal is to help you reduce your telecom expenses and manage it with dedication and expertise.

We help you :

Get better telecom deals

Getting Deals

Implement savings and improvements

Implementing Savings

Cut your telecom expenses

Manage your telecom configuration

Cutting Expenses Telecom Configurations

Our experts are passionate, skilled and determined to help you manage your telecom ecosystem and save on your telecom bills. We free up your budget and your team.

With nearly two decades in the industry and hundreds of satisfied customers who have experienced significant savings, we continue to serve you, our clients, with exceptional knowledge, expertise and results.

Reduce costs and manage communication needs effortlessly.

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Getting Deals Cutting Expenses Telecom Configurations Implementing Savings
Getting Deals Cutting Expenses Telecom Configurations Implementing Savings
Person making a call
Cutting Expenses
Getting Deals
Telecom Configurations
Implementing Savings